Enjoying a school close to home has countless advantages for both children and parents. It supposes more time to enjoy with family and friends, power the social relations in the neighborhood with the companions of school …

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If the time has come to go to real estate agents in Barcelona in search of a flat, when there are children, the school factor is fundamental.

Barcelona has some of the best schools in Spain, some of them in the outskirts.

The real estate agencies of Barcelona with which we can also make their proposals according to the location of some schools.

The best schools are usually those that are characterized by the quality of the teaching staff, the methodology and the facilities.

The school will be the place where our children will spend most of the time and will be decisive in their professional future. But not only pedagogical aspects are important, but practical ones, and closeness is one of them.

Sometimes the decision is complex and it will also depend on the traditional or alternative educational method. There are many factors to consider, and once the closest centers are located, the rest can be assessed.


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If you want to rent a flat in Barcelona with children of school age, you will have to look for schools because you are close to them: you can find a list of the private schools and the private ones.

One of the best considered schools in Barcelona is a concerted Catholic: the Montserrat School, located in the Sarriàneighborhood. It is a school that promotes comprehensive education, enhancing intellectual as well as social and spiritual excellence.

The Virolai School is a secular concerted center that focuses on comprehensive development and personalized student plans. It is a school located in Horta-Guinardó and especially strengthens the closeness between family and school, values ​​and technology.

The Ipsi school is another integral education center specialized in both academic and human and sociocultural education. It is a concerted lay school located in the Eixample, which promotes quality Catalan education and a demanding educational project.


A common place in the search for house sales in Barcelona is Sant Cugat de Vallés. And right there is another of the best schools in Barcelona, ​​the Ágora Sant Cugat International Scholl. It is a private multilingual education center that exceeds the PISA report in Ham, Korea and Finland. His method of learning is based on multiple intelligences and modeling the natural talent of each student.

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Another school located in the vicinity of Barcelona, ​​specifically in Sant Just Desvern, is the La Miranda school. A private secular center that uses the three vehicular languages: English, Catalan and Spanish. They also offer second languages ​​such as French, Mandarin Chinese, German and Russian. With a strong techno-pedagogical project, they use the mindfulness technique and work multiple intelligences.

In Bellaterra, a municipal entity in the Vallès Occidental region, province of Barcelona, ​​there is the La Vall school. Considered as another of the best educational centers in the province, it is a differentiated concerted education center, exclusively for girls. They apply an innovative vision of education based on personalized attention and christian humanism.

In short, at the end of what is at issue is not to choose the perfect school, but the most appropriate one. And that will depend on the values ​​and capabilities that you want to promote.

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