The best luxury flats for sale in Barcelona

Living in a luxury flat in Barcelona is considered a privilege: the city is becoming more and more sought after, even by people from other countries. The luxury flats for sale in Barcelona are numerous, and most of them are distributed among some of the 10 districts that divide the city. These are: Ciutat Vella, El Ensanche, Sants Montjuïc, Les Corts, Sarriá – San Gervasi, Gracia, Horta Guinardo, Nou Barris, San Andrés, San Martí.

 But finding a luxury flat in Barcelona, although there are many options, is a decision to meditate with the attention it deserves, and having the help of a luxury real estate agency in Barcelona is the best guarantee. 

We have talked to Amat Luxury, real estate ambassador of the Mediterranean way of life, with a careful selection of residential properties in Barcelona, and one of the best options to find a luxury flat in Barcelona. They explain where to find the best luxury flats for sale in Barcelona.

Looking for a high standing flat in Barcelona

Barcelona has a rich architectural history in its heritage that includes ancient remains of the Roman settlement and many buildings from the medieval period, some of which can be found in the Gothic Quarter, the historic centre. In areas such as Poblenou or l’Eixample, there are also many modernist buildings, some of which house luxury flats. 

One of the advantages of Barcelona is the diversity it offers: small old streets, large and elegant avenues, promenades near the coast, from where you can enjoy the sea breeze… Modern and bustling areas, quiet neighbourhoods away from the city centre… In Barcelona everything is possible, and as far as luxury housing is concerned, too.

Therefore, to simplify the search and find the perfect luxury flat in Barcelona, it is advisable to turn to experienced real estate professionals. A luxury real estate agency in Barcelona must offer the client a selection of the best offers in the real estate market that meet their specific needs.  Transparency, confidentiality, personalised service, quality, knowledge and innovation are the values of Amat Luxury, a safe bet to find the best luxury flats in Barcelona.

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