Many people are attracted by the variety of properties in Barcelona, either to invest or simply to buy a home. As far as luxury properties are concerned, the Catalan capital stands out, and luxury real estate agencies in Barcelona are in great demand.

Barcelona has a special attraction for its streets and neighbourhoods, promenades, historical buildings, monuments, climate, cultural activities, geographical location… There are many factors that lead many clients to turn to luxury real estate agencies in Barcelona such as Amat Luxury, specialised for many years in the consultancy and marketing of luxury properties.

The most sought-after type of property in luxury real estate in Barcelona

It seems that the type of properties most in demand, have the added value of classic Catalan modernist architecture. They are also homes with high quality integral reforms, or new construction of avant-garde design. Royal estates, penthouses and duplexes with large terraces and important views, as well as properties with private communal garden areas, are the most demanded.

The preferred locations for luxury homes in Barcelona are its main streets: Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla de Catalunya. There is an area considered as privileged in L’Eixample: the “Quadrat D’Or”, which is in high demand. And the neighbourhood of Pedralbes, in the upper part of the city, is another ideal location for luxury homes in Barcelona.

Who are the clients looking for luxury homes in Barcelona?

According to luxury real estate agencies in Barcelona such as Amat Luxury, the profile of the clients who request their services is quite specific. They are usually businessmen, liberal professionals or senior managers, local or foreign, with an age range between 40 and 60 years old.

Local clients tend to look for their first residence in Barcelona to live there with their family, and normally prefer locations in residential areas. Foreign clients tend to be interested in smaller second homes for temporary stays in Barcelona, or in first homes if they work in Barcelona.

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