Luxury real estate agencies in Barcelona are suffering from a decline in foreign visits. Only three years ago, these buyers and investors took the limelight, as they were responsible for one out of every two purchases of luxury homes in Barcelona. Today, however, foreigners account for approximately 20% of luxury real estate transactions in Barcelona. The cause of the decline in foreign interest in Barcelona real estate? According to experts in the sector, such as Amat Luxury, luxury real estate in Barcelona, the causes of this phenomenon are due to several reasons. One of them is the rise of national buyers, which partly offsets the aforementioned decline. Another factor is the interest in other national and European destinations such as […]

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Renting a newly built home adds value to the property. The new construction involves a better distribution, construction with more modern materials and greater acoustic and thermal insulation. This last detail is especially appreciated in heating and air conditioning bills. Renting a new building also allows you to enjoy higher quality, greater efficiency and more technology. Brand new buildings have more equipment and better services, often with communal areas such as gardens and swimming pools. In some cases, especially in luxury new builds, they even have a gym, solarium and sauna. At Amat Inmobiliaria, recognised specialists in the sector since 1948, they explain the advantages of renting new builds with some specific examples currently available, such as new builds in […]

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Advantages of buying new-build apartments

pisos obra nueva

New build apartments are those that are purchased directly from the developer once construction has been completed. Within the new construction category, properties that have been in use for a period of time are not included.  Properties that have completed the construction or restoration process are considered new construction. That is, when the architect and surveyor responsible for the project issues the certificate of completion. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that apartments bought from financial institutions are not considered new construction apartments. Discover all the apartments for sale of new construction in Amat Immobiliaris. Advantages of buying new build apartments Choice of housing Buying a newly built apartment allows the buyer to choose the house […]

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Are you looking for a dream villa?

Living in a villa is not only a privilege, but also offers interesting advantages. One of them is privacy, as there are no dividing walls with other neighbours or a staircase landing. Likewise, in a villa you can enjoy the outdoor spaces such as the garden or the swimming pool in total privacy, free from prying eyes. Preserving privacy in these times has become especially important, as the prevailing technology makes us more exposed in this sense. And a chalet house will always offer more security in this sense as well as other advantages such as more space, comfort, luminosity, tranquillity and autonomy. At Fincas Amat, real estate experts who have the most outstanding properties for sale in the province […]

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Majestic mansions in Barcelona

The concept of ‘luxury’ and mansions in Barcelona began to develop in the Catalan capital with the arrival of democracy. In previous times, and as a consequence of the dictatorship that dominated the country, the scenario in Barcelona was very different. But with the political transformation of the country and its recovery after 36 years of dictatorship, new urban projects began to develop the city.  And they did so to the point of organising the 1992 Olympic Games, transforming the city: it was time to build mansions in Barcelona. Abandoned factories were replaced by an Olympic Village with new residences, and luxury houses in Barcelona began to appear.  Barceloneta beach was extended, opening up a huge stretch of renewed coastline […]

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Discover the best houses for sale in Barcelona

The advantages of living in a villa in Barcelona are numerous. First of all it should be noted that there is a wide variety of houses for sale to choose from, contrary to what some people think. There is a tendency to think that flats are the easiest properties to find, but there are some very interesting houses for sale in Barcelona. If we start with the advantages, a chalet house always means extra space, with all the possibilities that this implies. The problems that often occur in the communities of neighbours in flats, such as noise, meetings and regularities of coexistence, are avoided in a house. Refurbishments are also easier and you have total control over them, without having […]

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sant feliu de llobregat

Would you consider looking for fincas in Sant Feliu de Llobregat or in other cities in the area, but you feel that it would be better to live in Barcelona? Living in a big city is great, but we know that it has its drawbacks. So there is the possibility of finding a house in a small town bordering the capital, but with all the charm of a rural area, you know that this is a unique opportunity.  For example, this can happen if you consider renting an apartment in Sant Feliu De Llobregat. The Baix Llobregat area has several great towns to live in. Amat Inmobiliaris, real estate agents in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, offer properties in Sant Feliu […]

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Renting flats in Esplugues de Llobregat

Renting flats in Esplugues de Llobregat can be an ideal solution for those who are looking to live close to Barcelona but at the same time, but without the inconveniences of the big city. Esplugues is a city of services with its own identity, which stands out for its historic centre and picturesque and unique places. Renting flats in Esplugues de Llobregat means proximity to charming streets, museums, historic farmhouses and even a monastery. This municipality stands out for its profusion of neighbourhoods: El Gall, La Plana, Montesa, Can Vidalet, El Centre, Ciutat Diagonal… There are a total of ten different neighbourhoods in this historic city that is Esplugues. The neighbourhoods in which to look for flats to rent in […]

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Casas en venta en Sant Just Desvern

Sant Just Desvern is a municipality in the Baix Llobregat region, which forms part of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Selling a house in Sant Just Desvern is easy. Renting a house or villa in Sant Just Desvern is an option to consider, as one of the main advantages is the proximity to the centre of Barcelona. It is only 10.6 km from the centre of Barcelona and 5.4 km from the district of Sarriá-San Gervasi. Another reason to rent a house in Sant Feliu de Llobrejat is its ample public transport options: bus lines, suburban train and trams.  If you are looking for houses for sale in Sant Just Desvern, Amat Inmobiliaris is your trusted real estate agent. Discover […]

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The situation of the luxury home market in Barcelona

  The limitations to mobility resulting from the pandemic also affect the market for luxury homes in Barcelona. Even so, the interest of buyers in these premium homes remains very stable in the Eixample and the upper part of the city. This has been confirmed by Amat Luxury, a real estate agency specialising in luxury homes in Barcelona. Two out of every three luxury homes for sale in Barcelona, worth more than 500,000 euros, are concentrated in these areas. In the Eixample, 34% of the offer of luxury homes in Barcelona is found. In the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Pedralbes areas, which are classified as upland areas, 32% of the total are to be found. This type of high-end housing sought […]

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