If you are looking for a good area to live near Barcelona, real estate agents in Molins de Rei will give you a good handful of reasons why this small municipality in Barcelona is one of the best options.

If you are thinking of moving to the capital because your work is in the metropolitan area or in the same Ciudad Condal, do not despise the opportunity to choose a nearby city and well communicated and with more affordable prices. The real estate agents in Molins de Rei will explain to you with great pleasure the price differences between the houses of Barcelona and those of a municipality as pleasant and quiet as Molins. Both as regards flats and home, and for sale as for rent.

So, to talk about economic differences you just have to go through the real estate Molins de Rei, we, in this article we will talk about the other advantages and live in a town like Molins.




All the real estate agents in Molins de Rei can also explain to you that Molins is a village in the region of Baix Llobregat, located to the left of the river Llobregat. It limits the north with the municipalities of El Papiol and Sant Cugat del Vallès, to the south with Sant Feliu de Llobregat, to the west with Sant Viceç dels Horts and to the northeast with the same Barcelona. With the Catalan capital is perfectly connected by road. There are several bus and railway lines.

That is why, working in Barcelona and living in a smaller, quieter town like Molins is a good option. You plant in the city in a very short time and you do not have to suffer the inconveniences of the big city, having all its advantages very at hand.

In addition, without reaching 16 km2, barely exceeds 25,000 inhabitants, maintaining a good balance between the charm of the old town and modernity of the present city.




What you might not be told so much about real estate in Molins de Rei is about the attractions that the city has. Of particular note are:

Castellciuró Castle: X-century castle of Romanesque style located on the road to Santa Creu d’Olorda.
Sant Pere del Romaní: Romanesque style church documented since 1001, located on the Riera Bonet road.
Federación Obrera: Modernist building located on Jacint Verdaguer street.
Juventut Catòlica: Noucentist style building located in Mercè Rodoreda square.


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One of the most important attractions of Molins de Rei are its popular festivals:

Candelaria Fair: The Candelaria Fair is one of the most important trade fair events in Catalonia and takes place the first weekend of February. One of the agricultural, industrial, commercial, recreational and cultural samples more rooted in the region and in our country.
The Major Festival: The Major Festival of San Miguel Arcángel is celebrated, annually, the day of the patron of Molins de Rei, on September 29.
Three Tombs: Every year, coinciding with the festival of San Antonio Abad, the traditional celebration of the Three Tombs is celebrated. Horses and carriages leave in pasacalle by the main streets of the town.


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