inmobiliaria de lujo en barcelona

In today’s article we are going to talk about luxury real estate agencies, specifically what a luxury real estate in Barcelona offers us. And as there are many real estate agents in Barcelona of high standing, we will take as a reference one of our favorites, Amat Luxury, which we consider the best luxury real estate in Barcelona.

inmobiliaria de lujo en barcelona

What services offers a luxury real estate in Barcelona

Regarding the types of services offered by luxury real estate agencies in Barcelona such as Amat Luxury, we have to differentiate between services to the owner and services to the buyer:

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Services to the owner

A luxury real estate agency in Barcelona such as Amat Luxury offers a service to the owner at four levels: valuation, marketing, closing the operation and after-sales service.

The valuation begins with the real valuation of the property with a study by the legal studies of the real estate and the processing of the Certificates of Aluminosis, Certificate of Habitability and Energy Efficiency Qualification, if applicable.

The marketing is then carried out: the advertising and communication plan begins, the insertion of the property on the real estate website and the network of national and international collaborators, possible interested parties are selected in the real estate database, the property is marketed by professionals with the necessary and specific training and an absolutely controlled procedure is followed, from the receipt of documentation and keys, to the delivery of information (ISO 9001).

It is then continued with the closing of the operation, with legal advice, the search for financing for the buyer, the preparation of documents and contracts, the presentation of the buyer and the joint granting of the contract to, finally, coordinate, Prepare and supervise the sales firm.

Only the after-sales service remains with the processing of the presentation of the surplus value, the procedures corresponding to the cadastre, the monitoring and the verification of the effective cancellation of the mortgage that could encumber the property, the new ownership is communicated to the administrator or the president of the Community, rehabilitations and reforms are managed and Amat Luxury also has an interior, cleaning and national and international removals service.

inmobiliaria de lujo barcelona

Buyer Services

Amat Luxury offers to the buyer a free Advisor service that includes, prior to the purchase, search of the house, presentation of dossiers of the properties that could fit with the client’s wishes, pick up at the airport and accompaniment to the hotel with translator, visits to the real estate with translator and a tour of the most emblematic places of the city.

At the time of purchase, it is negotiated on behalf of the client, he is accompanied to open a bank account with a translator, the necessary documentation is prepared, he is assisted in the granting of deed with a translator, taxes are paid, communicates the new ownership to the community of owners and offers a tour of the area where the home has been purchased.

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