New-build flats in Hospitalet can be an excellent opportunity to start a new phase. This town is only 6 km away from the city of Barcelona, but without the hustle and bustle and intense pace that characterises it.

Hospitalet de Llobregat is a city that has grown a lot in all aspects since the 70s. It is a lively place, with services and alternatives of all kinds all year round. This is one of the reasons why new-build flats in Hospitalet are so highly valued. Commerce, leisure, culture, educational centres… in Hospitalet there is everything for all ages, and it is quieter than the capital.

What’s more, it is a city with very good road and public transport links: you can reach Barcelona in about 15 minutes. As if that were not enough, Hospitalet is located by the sea, so it offers a Mediterranean climate and the possibility of being able to travel quickly to the beach. Having seen the main advantages that this municipality offers to live in, let’s take a look at the advantages of new construction in Hospitalet, as explained by Amat Inmobiliarios.

The advantages of new build flats Hospitalet

New build flats are those that are bought directly from the developer once construction has been completed. This category of new build does not include properties that have been in use for a period of time. They are properties that have completed the construction or refurbishment process when the architect and surveyor responsible for the project issues the completion certificate.

It should also be noted that flats bought from financial institutions are not classified as newly built flats. To be on the safe side, the best thing to do is to turn to professional experts in the sector, such as Amat Immobiliaris.

The most important advantages of this type of housing are the following:

  • Choosing the house you want: the buyer has more possibilities to personalise the flat according to his needs, preferences and budget. They also have the right to request detailed information about the new construction and its dimensions, distribution of materials and spaces used.
  • Greater payment flexibility: the purchase of new construction allows access to fixed instalments and instalments, unlike what happens with second-hand flats.
  • Brand new property: the materials and finishes used in the construction of these homes are of the highest quality, which extends their conservation.
  • Communal areas: many properties of these characteristics in Hospitalet have communal areas such as the garden, the children’s area, the sports field and the swimming pool.
  • More guarantees: buying a new-build flat includes up to three types of guarantees to cover defects in finishes (1 year), construction elements (3 years), and structural elements (10 years).

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