Advantages of renting an apartment in Sant Cugat del Valles

Sant Cugat rent

If you’re looking for the best place to live near Barcelona and you need to be close of the capital, but you enjoy the tranquility, San Cugat del Valles is the ideal choice, because it combines the best of a city with the peace and comfort of a population of medium size. If you want to rent Sant Cugat is a good decision, because our residence affects most aspects of our lives. Of all the variables study, the situation is the most important since it will depend on access to services public and leisure facilities, as well as overall quality of life we ​​enjoy. Do not Look more, rent Sant Cugat is what you are looking for!

Currently, San Cugat del Valles has about 87,000 inhabitants, and that means that your own town can enjoy all the services in the most comfortable way.

Another of its strengths is the proximity it has with Barcelona, ​​which is just more than 10 kilometers, so go back and forth to the Catalan capital is very simple. With network highways and roads linking the two cities and an effective public transport you can combine the tranquility of living outside the bustle of the big city.

Working in the city and return to San Cugat del Valles is easy and ensures power found in an environment of tranquility and with many attractions. For example, features a fabric of local shops very powerful, with large markets and leisure areas family and child.

Families will appreciate the wide variety of schools and colleges offering quality San Cugat del Valles. It is the third largest city in Spain in terms of per capita income, making quality of life inside is very high. The natural environment of the same it is also one of its attractions. The city is surrounded by two mountain ranges, the Galliners and the Collserola, with more than 8,000 hectares of protected natural area. This is an environment privileged, perfect to escape the pollution and crowds and bustle of everyday life.

Characterized by a young population has comfortable Sant Cugat infrastructure make available to its inhabitants schools, colleges and centers, health centers, Markets (Torreblanca and Pere Sant), public car parks, shopping centers and entertainment as the Golf de Sant Cugat and Sant Joan, Gyms and sports clubs such as Dir Sant Cugat, the Junior and Set Ball and a very suggestive commercial and gastronomic offer.

It also has a developed transportation network that allows access to all points thanks to 4 bus lines; FGC stations with stops at Sant Cugat, Valldoreix, La Floresta, Les Planes, Mirasol, General Hospital, Sant Joan, and plans to open stop Vullpalleres; Renfe station in Favà Coll.

Art and culture are also two of the aspects of the inhabitants of San Cugat del Vallés are prouder. On the one hand, it has a large heritage style Modernist since the early twentieth century was the favorite place of the Catalan bourgeoisie to spend your holiday. Among the unique buildings, it stands the monastery, built between the ninth and fourteenth centuries, and it has been declared of Cultural Interest. It is located in the Plaza Octavia, one of the focal points of the city, meeting place and incidentally, brimming with life every day. The population of San Cugat del Valles is quite young and family, and everyday street is easy to find many small children giving their first steps or mounted on their carts.

Another attraction of the city is its market completely unique in Spain. It’s about a space open all year to enjoy the buying and selling antique furniture, ceramics, curiosities … and is located in a former ceramics factory, relying on his inside with nearly a hundred collectors and antique dealers. Once a month is celebrated Vintage market. Gastronomy is also an incentive to live in San Cugat del Valles.

Local chefs are driving local products, and techniques traditional processing thereof. In addition, the city is framed on the route medieval cuisine in the area.

The situation in San Cugat del Vallés is, without doubt, one of its main attractions. By train, you reach the center of Barcelona in just 25 minutes, while Sabadell and Terrassa are at a very similar distance by public transport.

The City of Sant Cugat, regulated by a plan all construction planning is carried out in the municipality and urban management and development and growth the city. Standard type of housing offered in Sant Cugat, is characterized by farms recent construction with communal areas with pool, garage and storage area. Sant Cugat is divided into neighborhoods or districts as follows:

 The Center or Core Urban, whose center is the Monastery with Octavià square, Santiago Rossinyol streets, Santa Maria and Lluís Valldoreix to reach the square Millet, known as the Station Square. It is characterized as an area of older buildings, low-rise, virtually all pedestrian and where concentrates most of trade in Sant Cugat.

 Next to the Plaza Lluís Millet, is the Golf de Sant Cugat; with it, limits the Barrio Eixample, whose name finds its origin in its similarity to the layout with the Eixample. It is characterized by wider surface floors, with a large communal swimming pool and few neighbors, near the park Collserola and Sant Cugat access by Rabassada.

 Beside the Eixample, the Golf and Can Trabal, residential areas characterized by proximity to the sports club to practice this healthy sport and enjoy magnificent views of its extensive green area. Large family houses or houses houses with garden colonize this area.

 Two more recent neighborhoods are Central Parc y Coll Fava, on the opposite side of the hull Old. Both distributed around a central axis: Manel Farrés and Francesc Macià respectively. In both avenues is the shopping area surrounding a park in the center, and around it communal areas of work are distributed view with wonderful views and sunny parks and terraced houses and some single family Home.

 Valldoreix and Mirasol are both decentralized municipal entities summer populations were formerly residents of Barcelona capital.

Currently you can find older houses, some renovated, others newly built and land where to build new housing These advantages, along with an enviable natural environment, Sant Cugat made to grow quickly and cease to be a summer population to become outstanding city bedroom. Its intelligent urban development has attracted numerous companies and educational institutions, including several colleges and Alto Center Sports performance.