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More and more people decide to leave the crowded central areas of cities to move to the periphery or even to neighboring localities. Living on the outskirts of Barcelona can have many advantages. Buying an apartment for rent in Sant Just Desvern are some of the most attractive options when we are looking for is an affordable price. And, in general, the average price of housing in these locations is significantly lower than that found in most districts of the Catalan capital. But not all villages near Barcelona have on the price the main attraction. Castelldefels, Sitges and Sant Cugat del Vallés, have a high quality of life but the average price per square meter in many cases exceeds that of the Catalan capital.
In short, unless you’re a committed city dweller, he would never leave his life in the big city, the possibility of leaving your home in Barcelona and move to an apartment to rent or Cornella Sant Just Desvern can be an interesting option.

That may surprise us if we consider that the centers of large cities usually offer a wide range of leisure and culture, as well as being close to almost all the services we need.

Another reason for living in the center can be its prime location within the network of public transport. Considering labor mobility today, you may not know in what neighborhood you go to work next month if you do not have own transport, be located in the center can be an advantage to quickly access the most important stations from the city.

«More and more people move to the periphery by the great advantages it offers over living downtown»

The advantages of living downtown are already known leftovers. But then why do people from the center to the periphery moves? In this post we will discuss the main advantages of leaving the center to live in the suburbs or surrounding towns.


Price of the lower housing. In general, if we compare the housing prices in many of the towns on the outskirts of Barcelona with the city center, what we find is that the average price of housing in the suburbs is below Barcelona. However, at this point it can not be generalized, as the average price of housing in towns such as Castelldefels or Sitges is well above that we find in Viladecans and Sant Boi de Llobregat, or even Barcelona capital. At least as reflected in the report prepared by Rightmove Sales for the second quarter of 2014. The study reveals that the higher price is in Sitges, with 3,454 euros / m2 (108.6% above the national average price) . Barcelona capital followed Castell-Platja d’Aro, with prices of 3,188 euros / m2 and 2,885 euros / m2, respectively. So, to consider the price as an advantage, we must confine ourselves to a specific number of stocks.

Larger floors. Normally, the type of house you’ll find the neighboring towns to Barcelona tend to have more square meters floors of the city. Forget about those holes 40 square meters where you have lived until now. Either because we live in a house with land or because we moved to an apartment, houses on the periphery tend to have much more space than downtown. No doubt a very attractive for families or couples who are planning to become family option. You can enjoy luxuries like having a storage room, a room of study, a guest, a terrace or even a garage.

Less expenses. Not only the price of housing is lower in the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​the cost of living is generally lower. If you compare the expenditure on food, clothes, gym, or even on taxes, you will see that there is a substantial difference between those who correspond to Barcelona and those without.

Better quality of life. If you are lucky enough to work in the same town where you live, you can enjoy community life, which is usually rich and intense. The closeness between the neighbors, the daily treatment and a more relaxed atmosphere, favor a more fulfilling life that certainly translates into a higher quality of life.

Calmer. If you are someone who bustle and large crowds overwhelm you, no doubt the periphery should be your natural habitat. In the center we tend to be exposed to a much greater stress. Either traffic, the number of people, noises … On the outskirts resting much better and may be easier to disconnect from a busy life.

Easy access. Another advantage of the periphery is its easy access. Always it is easier to escape a weekend or make a day trip to the field if we are located just outside the city. If we live in the center and we go out of town for a day in the field, we may have to spend more time in traffic jams trying to get out of the city really enjoying the countryside. From the periphery, however, we can make impromptu getaway without having to waste too much time in transit.
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Choose where to buy or rent the apartment where we will live the next few years, no doubt, is an important decision. Therefore, assessing the pros and cons about living in the center of Barcelona or one of your suburban locations is a task you’d stop would be good advice from an expert.

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