Moving home is stressful enough, and it can be even more for children. Especially if a neighborhood or a new city.

I, for example, live in Barcelona, and I am looking to rent a flat in Sant Just Desvern. For my daughter will be a radical change, he will leave behind everything he knows, what is familiar. For it implies leaving behind friends and classmates, as well as adapting to a new environment, a new home, even for a different room.
But this new rent my flat in Sant Just Desvern not scare me. I’ve been searching the internet and I found a few useful rabbits on how to act in moving with children. I share with you.




For the child, the move represents a radical change of life, especially in relation to their friends, which they are very important. In addition, the move is a decision that they did not participate, adding a sense of powerlessness over what they are coming. It is therefore important to follow these steps:


– Prevents the move does not match other changes in the child’s life. For example, changes cot bed, with the withdrawal of diapers, let alone with a separation of couples.
– Clearly and honestly explain the reasons for the move, and all details and aspects that children may worry them. It is important to hear their views and understand them. And do it in advance so they can go digesting the new situation and ask the questions they need.
Keep a positive and cheerful attitude to change. Although you may be also frightened and stressed, you should not allow children to notice your concerns.
Give them the time and opportunity to bid farewell to the important people in their lives: teachers, classmates, neighbors.
Children to participate in moving as much as they can (if desired). If you may select your new room, let him do it. In any case, involved in the choice of paint color, decoration or arrangement of the furniture of his room. Let also involved packing things.



que-tener-en-cuenta-en-las-mudanzas-con-ninos-3– The best time for moving house is in the period of school holidays, and a long holiday.
– It is also important to familiarize themselves with the new environment. Not only explaining how, if not leading them to visit before the move.
– It is best to keep the principle decorating your room and move to the new house their possessions and favorite objects.
– If they are small, it is a good idea to read a story about moving, of which exist to help children in various subjects, which can be found in many bookstores.
– Try to keep your routine and regular hours.
– Contributes to your children make new friends with neighbors and at school. Enroll him in extracurricular activities in the new neighborhood.

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