Sant Just Desvern a charming village

venta piso Sant Just Desvern

Fleeing from the bustle of Barcelona, ​​Sant Just Desvern is one of the most charming towns to be found in the metropolitan area. If you have a flat Sant Just Desvern sale will not be difficult to find customers interested in a property in this village / town situated in the middle of the Sierra de Collserola.

A, approximately 5.4 km from Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and 10.6 km from the center of Barcelona, ​​its location is ideal if your intention is a floor sale Sant Just Desvern.

Because of its proximity to Barcelona, ​​its just 17,000 inhabitants and tranquility in which it is located, it is among the ten municipalities income highest per capita according to the barometer of IDESCAT (Statistical Institute of Catalonia) and is due to many celebrities, politicians, businessmen consuls and live in it, as former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya José Montilla, President of Repsol YPF SA Antoni Brufau or FC players Barcelona Jose Manuel Pinto or Ronald Koeman, among others.

Sant Just Desvern is a town of 17,000 inhabitants of whom 15% are foreign nationals. Half of the immigrant population is of European origin.

It is located just 10 minutes from Barcelona, ​​with immediate access to the B23 (through the rounds, highway and motorway) and 15 minutes from the railway station of Barcelona-Sants and El Prat airport.

Sant Just hosts nearly 1,500, mostly from the service sector and small and medium enterprises, with a very diverse productive economic activities. It has two industrial estates and business center Sant Just – Diagonal.

One hundred and thirty local authorities cover the concerns of citizens at all levels: social, cultural, youth, neighborhood, business, charity, sports, etc.

Coixinets karts, al Carrer Sant Just, the Festa de la Pau and August Festa Major are some examples of genuinely santjustinas celebrations, plus all the traditional festivals held throughout the year.

Sant Just Desvern are ten sector councils to promote and ensure public participation in the management of municipal government.

More than a thousand children practice basic sport in sports schools that offer the different entities in the municipality: basketball, football, futsal, gymnastics, hoquei, swimming, skating, volleyball, etc.

Ràdio Desvern gives voice to organizations and groups in the municipality. More than thirty years of local radio with the participation of a hundred people who collaborate weekly.

The municipality has a socially minded City Council, serving and personally advises closely the needs of citizens. There are different channels of communication to inform local citizens: 8,500 monthly newsletters, the municipal website, social networking profiles i apps for mobile devices.

The low level of conflict i high cooperation of the citizens with the local police allows Sant Just Desvern has one of the highest rates in the province of Barcelona safety.

Fifteen municipal facilities offer different services for people: cultural, educational, sports, for children and their families, for youth, for elderly … as well as a collection center waste, a municipal market and a funeral home .

In addition, Sant Just has a Primary Care Center, a regional hospital with 24 hour emergency services very close and Children’s Hospital Sant Joan de Deu.

On the other hand, a municipality Sant Just is very well connected, the TramBaix, the JustMetro i the JustTram add 1.5 million trips annually.

Promunsa, the municipal company created in 1990, has promoted 1,000 public housing, for sale and for rent. And now also manages street lighting and regulated parking, plus some shops, offices and photovoltaic installations. In fact, the municipality produces more than 300,000 kw / h of photovoltaic solar energy in municipal facilities.

In addition, the selective collection of Sant Just Desvern is one of the highest in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona. 30% of the irrigation of parks and public gardens of the town is made with water from wells.

Sant Just has a City Educational Project that allows, through different services, provide people with education and training throughout life. In Sant Just, 7 out of 10 children choose public school. In the town there is a Escola Bressol Municipal, three public schools and one primary school.

Corners full of history, charm and tranquility
Sant Just Desvern, integrated in the Collserola Natural Park, known for its spacious gardens and its urban and architectural typology: Retains 25 farms and 10 modernist buildings scattered throughout the municipality.

It also retains an Iberian settlement of s.VI BC, a Roman Iacus of s.I AD, a medieval tower of the late s. X and flour mill 1306.

Can Ginestar find the Library Joan Margarit, the exhibition halls «El Celler» and «Ponent» and the Municipal Historical Archive, the Interpretation Center, classrooms arts, spaces for entities and a chapel where lie the giants St Just: Gentil and Flordeneu.

Sant Just we can find the emblematic building of architect Ricardo Bofill Walden7 i Levi, built in the 70s of last century and situated in the grounds of the former factory of Cementos Sanson. It is an architectural reference piece in which a thousand people live. Your chimney, with 104 meters high is one of the highest in Europe built with reinforced concrete. Underground houses a leisure space, about 15 meters there is a restaurant and top there is a viewpoint.

Thanks to the collective social memory and an air raid shelter from the Civil War was discovered whose access is located on the outside of Les Escoles and with 166 meters longitus, communicates with the C de l’Ateneu.

Sant Just Desvern is a green municipality. Discounting Collserola and Torreblanca, there are 11m2 of green space per inhabitant, with 7,000 trees public space and around thirty parks.

Soñadora e idealista pero con los pies en el suelo y con una visión muy clara de la realidad. Quizás sea toda una paradoja en sí misma que traduce en una insana curiosidad por todo lo que la rodea.