Esplugues industry was an eminently population in recent decades has become a city of services, keeping well its identity. Its proximity to the Catalan capital make it ideal for those seeking the comfort of a quiet town but with the proximity of the big city. Renting a house in Esplugues de Llobregat is a great idea for many reasons.

Its more than 47,000 inhabitants and its ten districts Esplugues make a small diverse and rich city. You will see how renting a house in Esplugues de Llobregat will be a good decision and will never regret.

With a well-diversified and service-based economy it has a business with tradition, deeply rooted in the city. In addition, the intense community life and cultural facilities sis, civic and sports, make Esplugues a municipality with activities for all ages throughout the year.




Esplugues has traditionally been a focal point of roads and highways between Barcelona and the rest of the region and the country.

Along with these pathways they were born the first population centers: one in the Sagrera, around the current Church of Santa Magdalena; the other in the late Raval, where the Tower of lions.

Until well into the twentieth century, the city had as a fundamental economic base of agriculture and some industrial history linked to ceramics production. From mid-twentieth century, Esplugues enters an accelerated process of change that precipitated his move from town to town.

In the actualiad, we find a service town, close to the big city. is famous for its historic center, with such picturesque places as Montserrat Street and historic farmhouses nearby.

Nearby is the Monastery of Montsió and Modernist building Can Casanovas.

Enjoy renting a house in Esplugues de Llobregat means enjoying a privileged environment, rich in history and culture.




During the decade of the 60 ‘Esplugues it had the highest rate of population growth Catalunya (187.01%). The city, which in 1950 had 3,981 inhabitants, will increase to over 29,000 in 1970. It was not until the late 90’s when the population would stabilize.

The population is grouped in 10 districts: Centre, La Plana Can Clota. Finestrelles, Ciutat Diagonal, La Miranda, La Mallola, El Gall, Montesa i Can Vidalet. Currently, the districts of Can Plana and Vidalet are contributing a greater volume of web population with a high population density. At the other extreme mountain neighborhoods, La Miranda, Ciutat Diagonal and Finestrelles, ideal for renting a home in Esplugues de Llobregat place.

Keep in mind that the neighborhoods have not existed as such until well into the twentieth century, reflecting the rapid evolution of the pre-industrial Esplugues up to the contemporary city. This development occurred through growth fueled by the expansion of local activity and the metropolitan area in general and for the promotion of new residential areas.



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