Luxury homes in Barcelona. A booming market

Luxury homes in Barcelona. A booming market

Since the beginning of the crisis, the luxury markets have been registering growth strong in their prices, but contrary to what many believe, luxury homes in Barcelona is a market that is on the rise. High-end homes enjoy great demand, and that is a big plus for the economy of the country and of course for the real estate business.

The forecast for this year and next is that the trend still is strengthened even further. The market of luxury homes in Barcelona is a booming market and there are a growing number of buyers from Asia, America and Eastern Europe that want to invest in Spain, and especially in Barcelona, because they see housing investment, as a very safe investment capital.

So, after a while, the market of the luxury homes after a difficult period and a strong price adjustment period, again has stabilized and is a strong tendency right now.

Barcelona, an attractive city

Barcelona an attractive cityBarcelona is a beautiful city that stands out for its rich gastronomic, cultural, landscape and architectural, being a privileged metropolis has seen pass through the streets the different historical stages of which has been part.

As the Roman ruins, that you can see in the Old Town, the medieval buildings of the famous Barri Gótic, palaces of Gaudi and the current modern buildings, created by some of the most famous contemporary architects like Meier, Calatrava, Foster and Gehry.

Live there in a luxury home can be a dream come true. Its strategic location and its history make it a cultured and desired city by thousands of people worldwide.

Barcelona luxury homes are in the crosshairs of large mainly foreign investors, who see potential in the city and who want to be with these beautiful buildings located in the places of highest rank in the city.

The real estate in turn has become a very profitable investment, leading buyers to decide such properties due to recovery reaching the possibilities offered for long-term business or the magnificent opportunities to settle there.

Luxury homes in Barcelona, an upward trend

It is estimated that 90% of the buyers of luxury homes in Barcelona with prices above EUR 1 million are foreigners. After overcoming of the housing crisis in 2008 the value of these properties has dropped between 25% and 40% being a great incentive to outsiders who want to seize properties in the Catalan capital.

luxury homes in Barcelona is a booming market The places of the city that attracted the most attention from investors are the Uptown and Les Corts, mainly because these places are surrounded by the most prestigious international schools in the city, in addition to the more expensive properties both for sale and for rent, no doubt preferred destination of foreign personalities in search of luxury and comfort or national tourist aspirations important. Passeig de Gràcia is also very coveted, because the sector has the most beautiful squares and parks, boasts a beautiful architecture and an area prime exquisite.

The Eixample is one of the most luxurious and expensive locations around Barcelona, ​​has the highest value per square meter of the area. The Sagrada Familia on the other hand is very striking for being an area surrounded by historical buildings declared World Heritage site by Unesco.

Customers arriving from East Asia, South America and Europe are the ones who lead the group of investors interested in the central and most exclusive areas, where prices have increased by up to 5%.

The taste of foreigners

A multitude of planes, privacy, projections, angles and shapes that form an irregular facade, full of vegetation height and large windows, are features that foreigners seeking luxury home praise.

The design of these places, where the prevailing view and not be seen, make the interior layout where preferably not having curtains is a plus, according to experts in design of luxury homes. Privacy which is pursued in the design of housing moved from dorms to other areas of the house without having connection among them, somewhat complex, yet simple.

Luxury at its finest is the desire for foreign buyers. They are quite demanding in terms of that, for them, the price is not an impediment.

Criteria such as privacy, location, safety and excellence in quality are characteristics that prevail over the size or some other requirements.

The city of Barcelona arouses great interest from international clients, especially in the Eixample area, place where the properties have begun to have a promotion.

luxury homes in barcelona as the taste of foreignersAs well as Spanish buyers, has been a rise in purchases by investors coming from United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and China seeking luxury homes to spend holiday time periods or also to invest.

In recent years there has also been noticing a strong demand for French customers who are very interested in acquiring properties in the area of the District of Gràcia. They usually look for apartments that have between 50 and 100 square meters with costs exceeding the 500,000 Euros.

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