for rent Esplugues de Llobregat

Find the home that fits your needs is not an easy task, however, there are a number of tricks that can help you out victorious in the fierce competition to find that special place. In this article we will give you a few tips to find what you are looking for. Imagine that you need, for example, for rent Esplugues de Llobregat.

The first is to limit the search area. If you need you are for rent Esplugues de Llobregat. Do not be looking at all Catalunya. Refine the area. If you are interested in the Esplugues because that your family lives or because they work in this population, focus on that area and its neighboring towns. Set a search territory. Look no thoughtlessly.

Look a «price ceiling» realistic. If you have a budget constraint not lose focus on your goal is «at best» that amount. Although you can consider other higher trading (as discussed later).

The first call
When you establish contact the owner marees not show yourself polite, conversational and friendly, interested in his flat. Remember that the phone call is a first impression of you. If you have already given enough information on the ad does not make him lose time causing redundancy. Ask for things that do not appear or are not entirely clear and, of course, if you fit is with him / her as soon as possible. That afternoon if can be.

Arrive before the scheduled time and so you can have a look around the neighborhood. Introduce fixed (the limit is yourself, but a shirt and go clean shaven is not a bad idea); You think they’ll look very closely.

Whether you teach the floor the goalie as if you own, show the most charming person in the world. You must be serious, responsible, speak properly and politely. Ask for things that were not clear on the phone or you raise doubts right there also to economic conditions (months deposit, if required endorsement, who pays the community …).

If you like what you see, it fits with what you want and compared to other things you’ve seen is the best, for it! In case you happen to be in the act always has, just in case: photocopy of the last 3 payrolls, employment contract and DNI.

If in doubt (and can) tell him to pay for the entire year at once, or until the end of the year or you give more months deposit than usual (although legally it is only one) all that reinforces your strength and image.

Sometimes the price is not negotiable. If you know there are more people interested you (you have witnessed the coming and going of potential stakeholders) do not touch down because there is someone who would pay what he asks. However, if you are over your budget and you have nothing to lose, you can gamble the cracking of a discount you saying that you keep it longer! (If you prefer something desperate or shake it off, you may access).

Try closing date input available for you, especially if not in a hurry, and also save yourself a part of the month.

Tips to lower house rental ESPLUGUES de Llobregat

If you have patience and a bit of view you may get some discounts on rentals.

Here are some good tips:

Take advantage of the liquidity needs of some owners, that induces the loss of income due to the lack of demand in the sector. Tenants can find these «bargains» with lower amounts and competitive.
On the websites of real estate, prices are updated and adjusted continuously. You can expect a reasonable offer to go adapting to the prospects of the claimant to rent housing while.
Many home seeking stable and formal tenants. In this sense, you can press the owner and get a discount on the amount in exchange for giving stability.
It may not be the dream floor, but within less in demand (lower, inner, side streets, etc.) can be found houses with a very attractive sum. Although not what was intended in the beginning, it can be a perfect excuse to save money every month.
Harnessing the need for owners not want to have immobilized housing for many months to achieve that reduce the price of your rental. Crisis, unemployment and cost containment can facilitate this strategy.
Patience to rent a flat or apartment as worth waiting a little if at the end can be paid 100, 200 or 300 euros less. No need to opt for the first display, but the work will take some time and dedication.
Present at home so sharp and strong positive values ​​of his candidacy (careful, stable family, seriousness payments, etc.) to lower the price of housing. There is nothing to lose and maybe the owner of its benefits as a tenant with a reasonable amount is convinced.

You send it before signing. So you can match it with someone or just come on the day of signing, preventing «strange things» appear. If there is nothing unusual, the signatures and Done! The floor is yours.

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