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Corbera de Llobregat

The search for sale of a flat in Corbera de Llobregat is an objective for those who like to live in a cozy municipality, surrounded by nature. There are also many cultural and sports entities in Corbera, in which many of its inhabitants are actively involved.

The environment is so attractive that there are many people who have their second residence in Corbera, which they attend on weekends. For this reason, and for many others, the sale of an apartment in Corbera de Llobregat is a very important resource.

Corbera de Llobregat has an area of 18.36 km², 1.28 km² of green areas and parks, and 9.22 km² of forest areas. As can be seen, the natural environment is one of the main attractions for renting a flat in Corbera de Llobregat.

Corbera de Llobregat is 25 km from Barcelona. Its territory is very rugged orographically by the Garraf-Ordal massif, where mostly white pine forests abound.

Corbera is a municipality that despite being quiet, every month of the year celebrations and activities are held for all its inhabitants. One of the most famous is the representation of the Living Nativity scene that takes place throughout the month of December.

In Corbera there are also many cultural and sports entities, in which many of its inhabitants are actively involved

Sale of apartment in Corbera de Llobregat: the ancient village

The term Corbera already appears in documents referring to the limits of Cervelló Castle in the year 992. Corbera Castle is documented in 1032 in the testament of Guillem de Mediona, which was the owner and lord. Other ancient monuments of Corbera are the chapel of Santa Magdalena, (1295), and the monastery of Sant Ponç de Corbera, magnificent example of the Romanesque.

In Corbera there is a wide network of trails and routes that cover places of great natural, landscape and cultural wealth. Up to a total of seven different routes in the middle of nature, they are another of the attractions of those looking for a house rental in Corbera de Llobregat.

As for the entities of the municipality, highlight the varied offer of cultural, sports and other fields, for all ages.

The municipality of Corbera, together with the Tourism service, have recently completed the creation of the Corbera Tourism Brand. The initiative aims to value the commercial offer of the municipality, in a differentiated way, with an important participation space for the inhabitants.

In Corbera de Llobregat, parties and events take place throughout the year

Services and mobility in Corbera

In Corbera de Llobregat it is sought to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education within the municipality. It has two secondary education institutes, four primary and primary education centers, and three nurseries.

The city council also makes available to citizens social services for older people, and also for families, children and adolescents.

As regards mobility, the main communication axis of Corbera is the local road BV-2421, which is born from the National 340 from Barcelona to Tarragona.

It can also be accessed by the B-24 that links with the A-2 at the height of Pallejà. Another way to access is by bus from Barcelona (Esplugues, Sant Feliu, Molins de Rei, La Palma de Cervelló). Also by train (RENFE and FGC9) with subsequent connection to the Autocorb bus, and C-Bus / Bardet).

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Corbera de Llobregat is a cozy municipality surrounded by nature

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