Cerdanyola is a town located next to Barcelona with large quiet residential areas, highly recommended if you are looking for rental housing in Bellaterra. multitude of services to make life in it. Renting a house in Cerdanyola del Vallés means living in an area very well connected to Barcelona, which can be accessed in 25 minutes. You can also go to the center of Barcelona by RENFE and FGC. Renting in Bellaterra is a perfect option for anyone looking for a privileged area to live, work, study and enjoy.

Cerdanyola del Vallès has more than 1,000 years of history. It is a university city, welcoming and innovative, which maintains the spirit of a town in the metropolitan region. A third of the Cerdanyola territory corresponds to the Collserola mountain range, the largest natural park in Barcelona. It is a privileged city to live, study, work and enjoy. It limits to the south with Barcelona, to the east with Montcada i Reixac and Ripollet, to the north with Barberá del Vallés, Badia del Vallès and Sabadell, to the northwest with Sant Quirze del Vallès and to the west with Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Living for rent in Bellaterra: a territory with history

Throughout the centuries, different cultures occupied Cerdanyola and the Collserola mountain range. It was from 956 that this territory was documented with the name of Cerdanyola. It is rich in archaeological remains, sites and buildings from different periods.

The Calcolithic hypogeum on Paris Street stands out due to the importance of the ceramic assemblage and the skeletons of 50 people located. Only site that can be visited, the Iberian town of Ca n’Oliver, populated by the Layetan tribe, is preserved from the Iberian era . The elites who controlled other nuclei of the plain lived, such as the farm on the university campus, where the land was cultivated and herds tended.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, there is evidence of an agricultural nucleus inhabited by the first Christians. After the Islamic period and the Frankish conquest, from the 9th century on, the population lived in the Collserola range and in the Galliners. From the 15th century, with the increase in agricultural yields and the progressive dissolution of the feudal regime, houses were built, many of which are preserved today with functions of facilities or residences.

Cerdanyola today

At Amat Inmobiliarios, who are also in charge of renting an apartment in Cerdanyola del Vallés, they broadly explain the highlights of this city today. The Collserola Park stands out especially, a luxury to enjoy. As far as the cultural field is concerned, the Cerdanyola Museum of Art and the San Marcial Castle or the Iberian Museum and Town of Ca n’Oliver stand out.

In the nerve center of Cerdanyola is the Alba Park, with the Alba Synchrotron, and the Technological Park and the Autonomous University, which make Cerdanyola del Vallés a cultured and innovative city. It also offers many artistic events throughout the year, such as the International Blues Festival, the International Festival of Children’s and Youth Theater or the International Dance Show.

There are also numerous leisure and restaurant establishments, with a very attractive trade for both the inhabitants of Cerdanyola and for visitors. Without a doubt, a very attractive city in every way, offering nature, culture, leisure, history and commerce, situated at the perfect distance from Barcelona.

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