Discover the best houses for sale in Barcelona

The advantages of living in a villa in Barcelona are numerous. First of all it should be noted that there is a wide variety of houses for sale to choose from, contrary to what some people think. There is a tendency to think that flats are the easiest properties to find, but there are some very interesting houses for sale in Barcelona. If we start with the advantages, a chalet house always means extra space, with all the possibilities that this implies. The problems that often occur in the communities of neighbours in flats, such as noise, meetings and regularities of coexistence, are avoided in a house. Refurbishments are also easier and you have total control over them, without having […]

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Casas en venta en Sant Just Desvern

Sant Just Desvern is a municipality in the Baix Llobregat region, which forms part of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Selling a house in Sant Just Desvern is easy. Renting a house or villa in Sant Just Desvern is an option to consider, as one of the main advantages is the proximity to the centre of Barcelona. It is only 10.6 km from the centre of Barcelona and 5.4 km from the district of Sarriá-San Gervasi. Another reason to rent a house in Sant Feliu de Llobrejat is its ample public transport options: bus lines, suburban train and trams.  If you are looking for houses for sale in Sant Just Desvern, Amat Inmobiliaris is your trusted real estate agent. Discover […]

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