Flats for rent in Sant Joan Despi

Sant Joan Despí today is a city with more than 34.000 inhabitants, with four well defined and equipped neighbourhoods. In the last few years the demand for flats for rent in Sant Joan Despi has grown, and this can be influenced by several factors. This municipality has green spaces, areas to enjoy and socialise, two libraries, two sports centres, four civic centres, a rich modernist heritage and a strong network of associations.

It is considered a city with a growing quality of life, so it is understandable that many people are looking for flats to rent in Sant Joan Despi. We have spoken to Amat Inmobiliaria, who as great experts in the market, know all the particulars that are of interest to know.

The modern era of flats for rent Sant Joan Despí

In the mid-1980s, Sant Joan Despí underwent a new urban growth. On the one hand, in the Pla del Vent-Torreblanca neighbourhood, with the construction of housing and the Torreblanca park. On the other hand, the Polígono Residencial Sant Joan, where in 1985 the Corporación Catalana de Radio y Televisión (Catalan Radio and Television Corporation) located the TV3 installations. This was followed by the construction of housing in the large Fontsanta park.

The beginning of the 21st century saw the creation of the eixample Sud-oeste, an area that extends from carrer Major towards the A-2 motorway. The growth of the Begudes sector also stands out, with the creation of the Barcelona Football Club Sports City and a new residential area. At the same time, Sant Joan Despí became the health reference in the south of Baix Llobregat with the opening of the Sant Joan Despí-Moisès Broggi Hospital.

Property areas for rent in Sant Joan Despi

One of the most privileged areas to live in Sant Joan Despi is the Torreblanca area. There are flats for rent perfect for those looking to live surrounded by nature in an urban environment, only 5 minutes away from Barcelona. Both communications and services are very good.

The Sant Joan Despí Centre neighbourhood is another highly valued enclave. It has all the necessary services of the town centre, close to the Eixample area. It is a very quiet residential neighbourhood with a wide range of gastronomic options. It has excellent communications: bus, TramBaix and suburban train direct to Barcelona. Access to B-10 and ring roads.

The Pla del Vent area of Torreblanca is another ideal location for those who are looking for a quiet environment that facilitates disconnection. However, it is surrounded by businesses, essential services, and also has good bus connections and entrances to Barcelona.

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