Luxury flats in Barcelona

The luxury flats in Barcelona are internationally coveted because of the important projection of the city and its characteristics as a real estate. Perhaps for this reason luxury homes in Barcelona also attract people who come from other countries and settle in this city. There are neighbourhoods in Barcelona where luxury flats are located, and we are going to review them in this article with Amat Luxury, experts in luxury flats in Barcelona.

Luxury flats in Barcelona: Bonanova area

Sant Gervasi-la Bonanova is a quiet neighbourhood with a very well-equipped urban nucleus. In the past it was considered as a summer village, which little by little became a residential neighbourhood. Nowadays Sant Gervasi-la Bonanova is full of elegant fincas and restaurants. The former municipality was a sparsely populated area with no industry or important companies. During the 19th century it was filled with second homes for Barcelona’s wealthy society.

In addition to the stately buildings and small green areas, the neighbourhood is characterised by the large number of schools, some of them very prestigious. With regard to the urban development at the beginning of the 20th century, the garden city project, with the Avinguda del Tibidabo, stands out.

This idea combined the gardens of magnificent modernist estates, such as Casa Muntadas, with the vegetation typical of the area. The famous Tramvia Blau was also built, which has been reserved for tourist use. For all these reasons, a flat for sale in Sant Gervasi is usually an outstanding property.

Luxury flats in the Diagonal Mar area

In the so-called Diagonal Mar area, there is a residential complex made up of spectacular buildings: a focal point for those looking for a luxury flat in Barcelona. These are gated communities with communal areas designed to enjoy leisure and sport without leaving the house. This way, free time is optimised to the maximum in an environment created to enjoy every day of the year.

The properties in Pedralbes

The sought-after district of Pedralbes, where there is an abundance of luxury flats in Barcelona, is located in the upper part of the city. In the north of the Les Corts district, the neighbourhood borders Esplugues de Llobregat, the Collserola mountain range, the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district and the Maternitat i Sant Ramon neighbourhood. Pedralbes includes a residential area with schools and universities and an extensive green area, with the Cervantes Park and the gardens of the Royal Palace.

The neighbourhood, with a level of purchasing power above the Barcelona average, is made up of an area where the Law and Economics faculties of the University of Barcelona (UB), the Campus Nord (UPC) and educational centres with diverse characteristics are located.

It is a quiet, select area, but close to the city centre, with moderate but interesting commercial activity. Its proximity to the Collcerola mountain range, the profusion of parks, the tranquillity of its streets and the prestige of its properties make Pedralbes an ideal location to find a luxury flat in Barcelona.

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