New build flats in Cornella

The new build flats in Cornellà de Llobregat are particularly well located due to its proximity to the city of Barcelona, its roads, the entrance and exit routes to and from the capital of Catalonia, and the presence of the Llobregat river. The name of this municipality is due to its Roman origin (Cornelianum), of which there are vestiges in the area of the Centro neighbourhood between the parish church of Santa Maria and the Caste. The new-build flats in Cornellà are built in a municipality that in past centuries was an important agricultural area until the 18th century. 

The columns that preside over the access to the Town Hall building were found during a refurbishment in 1928, and are considered to be true jewels of Catalan pre-Romanesque art. We have spoken to Amat Inmobiliarios, specialists in their sector with extensive experience and prestige that endorses them. The new-build flats in Cornellà are some of the options they offer on their website, which is why they explain to us the characteristics of the municipality and these properties.

New-build flats in Cornellà: a municipality in urban expansion

In 1716, Cornellà was separated from Barcelona by the Nueva Planta Decree, and became part of the Baix Llobregat region. In 1819, with the inauguration of the Canal de la Infanta, irrigation was developed and there was an important process of industrialisation. The railway arrived in 1854, and for a century the textile sector was the economic base of the municipality. At the same time, the population centres separated from the centre grew, such as the neighbourhoods of Riera, Almeda, Pedró and La Gavarra. 

In the last twenty-five years, urban expansion has been rationalised in Cornellà, bringing services and facilities to the whole population. There are three important green areas: Can Mercader, Infanta and Ribera parks. There are also numerous logistics companies and

those related to the new economy.

New housing developments with good transport links

One example is the Lluerna Homes residential project of new-build flats in Cornellà next to the “Parc de l’Aigües”. This is an area in constant growth, very well communicated and close to all kinds of services. They are buildings of great architectural beauty, where the protagonism is taken by the wide spaces, the luminosity and the terraces. They are homes specially created to enjoy the brightness, joy, design and quality. 

For those looking for comfort, tranquillity and services at street level, these new-build flats in Cornella may be the ideal solution. They offer:

  • Exclusive 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes. 
  • Duplex penthouses with large terraces. 
  • Parking spaces in the same building. 
  • 6 subsidised housing units. 
  • Proximity to the Llobregat Tramway, train, metro and bus lines, with high frequency. 
  • Extensive road network, motorways and highways A-2, AP-2, B-23 and N340. 

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