The houses for sale in Pedralbes have a special attraction both for those who can buy them and for those who like to walk around the area. Perhaps it is because it is one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in Barcelona, a charismatic city in itself. The houses for sale in Pedralbes are the objective of those who seek tranquility, green areas, schools and a family atmosphere, all in the most sought-after environment of the city.

Pedralbes is also an area traditionally frequented by foreigners who move to live in Barcelona, especially by French families. This may be influenced by international schools and universities in the neighborhood, as well as an environment full of parks, leisure areas or tennis courts or for other sports. At Amat Luxury, a luxury real estate agency in Barcelona, they have explained what they need to know who aspires to a house in Pedralbes, without a doubt a magnificent choice.

The houses for sale in Pedralbes and the reason for their success

Talking about luxury houses for sale in Barcelona means invariably referring to Pedralbes. To place it on the map, you have to start from its main street, which is Avinguda de Pedralbes with the Monestir de Pedralbes that crowns the end of this long avenue. In the area, we must highlight the gardens of the Pedralbes Palace, the Palau Reial and the María Cristina area, in the heart of Barcelona’s Diagonal. As its most famous street, we could mention Avenida de Pearson, the place of residence of important local and international characters and the setting for luxury homes in Barcelona.

Among the main advantages of living in Pedralbes is the excellent communication with the center of Barcelona, being at the same time a very quiet area. Its multiple gardens and sports centers, most of which with swimming pools, alternate with daytime entertainment venues. The night is quiet in Pedralbes, being an area that, far from being boring, does promote rest. The neighborhoods of Sarrià and Les Corts with their cultural and leisure offers, are very close to Pedralbes. It is also worth noting how privileged its location is in terms of access points: very close to Avenida Diagonal and Ronda de Dalt, the perfect location for city breaks from Barcelona.

An example of a luxury home in Pedralbes

Luxury real estate agencies in Barcelona, such as Amat Luxury, are usually in the spotlight of those who are looking for a house in the most select area of Barcelona. Let’s see, as an example, the characteristics of one of these luxury houses in Pedralbes.

Imagine a house with a beautiful garden with a private pool, distributed over 4 floors connected to each other with a large elevator. The day floor is the first, equipped with a large living room with direct access to the garden and the pool and dining room overlooking the pool. It also has a large kitchen with an office, a courtesy toilet and an ironer. This floor will also have parking for two cars, with additional space to park a car in the outdoor area

On the first floor of the house there is a living room with two adjoining offices, two double suites with full bathrooms and a single suite. On the second floor there is access to the master suite with a full bathroom with Jacuzzi and access to a large terrace. In the basement there is a storage area, a gym, a full bathroom and a heated cellar.

This concrete example of a house for sale in Pedralbes, provided by Amat Luxury, is rigorously real, and serves to perfectly illustrate the prototype of a house in the area.

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