Aid for the adaptation of homes in Sant Joan Despi

Apartment remodeled in Sant Joan Despí

The apartments for rent in Sant Joan Despí are a good option to live in peace near the center of Barcelona. The outskirts of the city are increasingly the goal of those who prefer to get away from the urban maelstrom. Even so, the apartments for rent in Sant Joan Despí have the advantages of a municipality that offers all services.

Vista aérea del municipio de Sant Joan Despí

Since the beginning of 2019 the Metropolitan Housing Consortium has launched new grants for home improvement. With these grants, the inhabitants of Sant Joan Despí will be able to improve supply facilities, isolation or accessibility. These grants are intended for owners and renters of individual homes. In this way they can improve the conditions of habitability and comfort, improving the quality of life of citizens. In Sant Joan Despí the rent will also improve as an option to live.

This initiative will benefit the rental apartments of Sant Joan Despí that adhere to it. The privately owned dwellings built before 1996 may be eligible for these grants. The aforementioned dwellings must be the habitual domicile of their owners or tenants.

The apartments for rent in Sant Joan Despí: in better conditions than ever

If you go to a real estate agency in Sant Joan Despí to rent an apartment, you can count on Amat Inmobiliaris. His extensive experience in the sector allows him to offer the most outstanding properties in Barcelona and province. Among them will appear the most interesting rentals of Sant Joan Despí. And from 2019 inclusive, with the subsidies aimed at improving housing the area will be revalued.

Remodeled apartment in Sant Joan Despí

Like all aid initiatives, the homes of Sant Joan Despí must meet some requirements to obtain the subsidy. The first of these is that the improvements must reach the minimum habitability conditions legally required. Another is the adaptation to the current regulations of the individual installations of water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, sanitation … Also energy and sustainability improvements: change of door and window closures, replacement of lighting and thermal and acoustic insulation.

The amounts of subsidies for improvements

The maximum amount of the housing subsidy is 40%, up to a maximum of 3,000 euros. If it is part of the apartment rental bag in Sant Joan Despí, the subsidy can reach 6000 euros.

Applications may be submitted until October 31, 2019, although admission may be closed as soon as the budget is exhausted. To submit applications, it can be done at the Local Housing Office in Sant Joan Despí. Likewise, all the detailed information on the subsidies is on the website of the Metropolitan Consortium of Habitat.

In the previous call for aid, 82,390 euros were allocated to improvements in housing

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