Advantages of renting an apartment in Sant Cugat del Valles

Sant Cugat rent

If you’re looking for the best place to live near Barcelona and you need to be close of the capital, but you enjoy the tranquility, San Cugat del Valles is the ideal choice, because it combines the best of a city with the peace and comfort of a population of medium size. If you want to rent Sant Cugat is a good decision, because our residence affects most aspects of our lives. Of all the variables study, the situation is the most important since it will depend on access to services public and leisure facilities, as well as overall quality of life we ​​enjoy. Do not Look more, rent Sant Cugat is what you are looking for! Currently, San Cugat del Valles has about 87,000 inhabitants, and […]

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Luxury homes in Sant Cugat

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is also well known for the wonderful modernist architectural movement, artistic / cultural. In addition to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and good weather throughout the year they make it ideal for spending time in this fantastic city. But perhaps you want to enjoy the benefits of the capital but running away from its bustle. Then the solution is on the periphery and Sant Cugat is perfect. Think of luxury homes in Sant Cugat is the best alternative. Today we will present the most interesting: Elegance and exclusivity Our walk through the best luxury homes in Sant Cugat begins in this spectacular estate, a magnificent exercise of elegance and exclusivity. […]

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rent Sant Cugat

Am I thinking of living in Sant Cugat? Located at the southern end of Western Valle, perhaps you discover the secrets of its region will help in your decision. If you have reported in rent Sant Cugat, you know it’s a place where you can enjoy a great quality of life thanks to its location, connectivity, services and environment; and also, it is the third largest city in Spain with the highest per capita income. It is a very interesting city, with many attractions, 10 km from Barcelona, ​​with the tranquility of a village, but the sophistication of a city. But if you have not yet decided to rent Sant Cugat, visit the environment, meet the people that surround ultimately […]

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GOLF CLUB Sant Cugat, one more attraction

Are undoubted interest of the city as a residential destination vallesana: its proximity to Barcelona (only 15 kilometers), an enviable natural environment, its intelligent urban development, good communications, cultural and architectural heritage, «Mercantic» a single market, modernist legacy… But if you’re already planning to settle in the area and has thought about seeking luxury homes in Sant Cugat, there is a detail that perhaps will make the even more interesting city: the dean of golf clubs in Catalunya The Club de Golf Sant Cugat, founded in 1914 and the first to have 18 holes. The Club de Golf Sant Cugat was designed by Mr. Harry S. Colt, the club currently has 20 holes that are combined in different routes. Each hole […]

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