Everyone at some point we want to wean and have our own space, either to form a family or to have an independent lifestyle of your paternal family. Whatever the case say whether to rent or buy a home depends on many factors, the main thing is to determine as budget accounts and what the purpose of obtaining or rent housing.


Consider the advantages of both:

Advantages of buying a house:

  1. a) You are acquiring an asset: sure at some point in your life’ve heard that renting is throwing money and partly expression that refers to the fact that when you buy, you are investing the monthly money you destine to housing in a physical asset. It is not an expense, as with the rent.


  1. b) You guarantee your age when you retire: One of the concerns that many people suffer is knowing what will happen once they retire. Many are aware that their income will decline and this is a great uncertainty that will live when that time comes. The homeownership, have at least one place to reside.


  1. c) You can earn extra income: having a house you have an asset that you can get a return. With it you can rent and income passively, ie not have to work, you could make a cheaper place to rent and have a return to your home.


  1. d) You can customize your home as you wish: As the house is yours can do the reforms that you want and will not lose what you invest, you can change concia walls or floor if you wish.


Now if what you want is to stay somewhere temporarily what suits you is a rental, for that I will show some advantages of renting an apartment and so make a decision.


Advantages of renting a house:


  1. a) Do not robes to one place: as vines where you want because you have a large debt of paying the bank a mortgage, so you can live wherever you like, however when buying a home you’re tying to a single site and a type of housing and change will not be easy, in addition to cost you money in payment of taxes.


  1. b) You do not lose career opportunities: When renting a home have the option to move out quickly when it comes to professional reasons, if you are offered a better job in another city or abroad is easier to move when living leased, as in the case of you have homeownership is more difficult to peel off and much worse if you depend s on a mortgage.


  1. c) You avoid paying taxes: owning a home means paying taxes, such as municipal taxes and tax collection for urban cleaning. Usually the cost of these taxes depends on the area where you live.


  1. d) Peace of mind: not having a large debt as a better mortgage will enjoy your stay and not to worry that you will do in the event that fired to pay a mortgage.

Buying or renting a home is yours alone, but as an experience best when you are young is to rent as it is when there are discovering what they really want out of life, do not bind to live in one place paying a debt that would last years solved, you better have the possibility until you have a stable economy and have formed a family, is there at the time when you can think stabilize yourself and buy your own home, but as always, the decision is yours. Remember that if you still have questions or are looking for the best location for rent or sale for your house in is where better guide you.


Jose Antonio Puga

Residente en Barcelona y venezolana de corazón, Andrea es una cosmopolita con el mundo por nación que piensa en grande y se deja llevar por los sueños. Viajera curiosa, su mirada no descansa nunca y sus ansias de saber tampoco.