rent in Sant Just Desvern

More and more people decide to leave the crowded central areas of cities to move to the periphery or even to neighboring localities. Living on the outskirts of Barcelona can have many advantages. Buying an apartment for rent in Sant Just Desvern are some of the most attractive options when we are looking for is an affordable price. And, in general, the average price of housing in these locations is significantly lower than that found in most districts of the Catalan capital. But not all villages near Barcelona have on the price the main attraction. Castelldefels, Sitges and Sant Cugat del Vallés, have a high quality of life but the average price per square meter in many cases exceeds that […]

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¿Quieres vivir a las afueras de la capital catalana?

alquiler piso sant just desvern

Cada vez son más las personas que deciden abandonar los abarrotados barrios céntricos de las ciudades para mudarse a su periferia o incluso a localidades colindantes. Vivir en las afueras de Barcelona puede tener muchas ventajas. Comprar un piso en Badalona o alquiler piso Sant Just Desvern son algunas de las opciones más atractivas cuando lo que estamos buscando es un precio asequible. Y es que, en general, el precio medio de la vivienda en estas localidades es sensiblemente más bajo que el que encontramos en la mayoría de los distritos de la capital catalana. Pero, no todas las poblaciones cercanas a Barcelona tienen en el precio su principal atractivo. Castelldefels, Sitges o Sant Cugat del Vallés, cuentan con una alta calidad de vida pero el precio medio del metro cuadrado […]

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rent Sant Cugat

Am I thinking of living in Sant Cugat? Located at the southern end of Western Valle, perhaps you discover the secrets of its region will help in your decision. If you have reported in rent Sant Cugat, you know it’s a place where you can enjoy a great quality of life thanks to its location, connectivity, services and environment; and also, it is the third largest city in Spain with the highest per capita income. It is a very interesting city, with many attractions, 10 km from Barcelona, ​​with the tranquility of a village, but the sophistication of a city. But if you have not yet decided to rent Sant Cugat, visit the environment, meet the people that surround ultimately […]

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apartment rental Barcelona

A new project of life, the desire for independence, the search for a bigger house, share a flat with friends; There are many reasons that we can raise the need for an apartment rental Barcelona. But where do you start? What to look for? Barcelona is a very large city, with different environments, with different prices, of course, and we must keep in mind a few things. Here are some good tips: Choose the area you want to live and the characteristics of your future home considering your taste and your needs but also keep well in mind your budget. Check the average price of the area to ensure that the rent that you fit the demands of the neighborhood. […]

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Las delicias de Sant Carles de la Rápita (Costa Dorada)

A lo largo de la costa del catalán podemos encontrar pueblos con mucho encanto a lo largo de sus casi 430 millas. Pero si lo que quieres es escapar de la bulliciosa turismo de la más conocida Costa Brava, las tranquilas playas de la costa de Tarragona, menos conocido de la Costa Dorada son la mejor solución. Así que si va a establecerse, si usted simplemente está buscando una segunda residencia, o si usted está buscando simplemente para pasar unos días, echar un vistazo a algunas de las casas de lujo en la Costa Dorada es la mejor opción. De todo el pueblo que podemos visitar, Sant Carles de la Ràpita es uno de los más bellos. Sant Carles de […]

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The most exclusive areas of Barcelona

One of the richest and most beautiful cities in Europe hosts some of the most luxurious homes around the country Are you considering investing in luxury homes in Barcelona? Thanks to its great international projection, their enormous cultural heritage and the large number of historical monuments which preserves, the Mediterranean metropolis is one of the richest and most beautiful cities in Europe. Divided into 10 districts and more than 70 neighborhoods, the Catalan capital is one of the most diverse cities in the world, offering endless possibilities for everyone. Here are some of the most luxurious homes around the country. To think of luxury homes in Barcelona, is essential to know the most prestigious neighborhoods throughout the city. Read this […]

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GOLF CLUB Sant Cugat, one more attraction

Are undoubted interest of the city as a residential destination vallesana: its proximity to Barcelona (only 15 kilometers), an enviable natural environment, its intelligent urban development, good communications, cultural and architectural heritage, «Mercantic» a single market, modernist legacy… But if you’re already planning to settle in the area and has thought about seeking luxury homes in Sant Cugat, there is a detail that perhaps will make the even more interesting city: the dean of golf clubs in Catalunya The Club de Golf Sant Cugat, founded in 1914 and the first to have 18 holes. The Club de Golf Sant Cugat was designed by Mr. Harry S. Colt, the club currently has 20 holes that are combined in different routes. Each hole […]

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